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Hit 'Em Hard

This song is by Vanilla Ice and appears on the album Mind Blowin (1994).

Here comes the lyrical breakdown
Move out the way punk and take a seat clown
It's the Ice Man slicin', dicin'
Hittin' like Tyson
So listen to the rhythm I givin' em
My lyrics got the impact of a Mac truck
When I'm sendin 'em
Yo, my funky rhymes flow
Kickin it like psycho
And I'm exploding like nitro-glis
Coming like a hurricane bliss
Straight sacking the track like a quarterback
My man Zero is back with a killer slice
I'm blowin' up the mic
Ya damn right, Vanilla Ice
With twice the punch
I put the crunch on Marky
And take the funky out of his bunch
I hit the home run
You got to third base, son
I'm in first place
Take a seat clown for the beatdown
Uh, tonight's the night of the big fight
With the mic in my hand I got the grip tights
Ready to swing it like a Louisville slugger
Right at the head of a sucka
Crack home run
How did it feel to have the mic hit ya dome, son? Uh!
I tried to make your head ring like a church bell
I put it on ya hard
I'll make ya hurt well
'Cause you fell into my booby traps
No more good vibrations
I'm tired of your boots raps
So I eat ya like scooby snacks
And maybe roll you like a zig zag
Or smoke you like a hootie mac
You did what I did
So you're gonna lose kid
'Cause to me you're still a new kid on the block
Get off my jock
Get off my diznok
Before you get dropped
For the beatdown

Yeah, this is the last verse
Should I say the last round
And it's time I knock out another class clown
Sit down and take notes
As Vanilla kicks ballistics with dope lyrics
Oh what a pity, though
'Cause ya had to spend three million dollars on your video
It was a good video and I can admit that
All that money's wasted 'cause your songs wacked
I make stuff to make the people gather
And let 'em see us in a pit
I wanna slam dance with ya Hammer
Now can I kick it, of course I can
Yo, you will get burned out, then turned out
I'm gonna keep comin' strong, song after song
Ya thought I'd fade, well ya dead wrong
I'm the imperial threat for this sound fools
Ha ha, here comes the lyrical beatdown

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