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It's only love...
It's only love...

If I am granted only one of my wishes,
Let me sleep by your side. Anywhere is okay.
Beautiful World
Without losing sight, I am looking only at you.
Beautiful Boy.
You still don't know your own beauty.

It's only love...

Whether I am asleep or awake,
I simply dream of boy's manga.
You don't like yourself.

Not knowing what I want,
I still can't help wanting.
Tepid tears run down my cheeks.

I have nothing I want to say.
All I want is to see you again.
I can't say what I want to say,
Maybe I am a coward
but that's fine.


It's only love

You try to do everything.
Even though you may lose something,
it will be a good experience.

I don't need newspapers,
There's nothing important in them.
How's it going lately?
If you're fine,
That's okay, I guess.

If I can't see you until my world ends,
let me sleep by your side. Any place will do.
Beautiful World,
In the fleeting days that pass by,
Beautiful Boy,
There's nothing we can do about our feelings.

If I am granted only one of my wishes,
let me sleep by your side...

Beautiful world
Beautiful boy...
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