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Think Of You

This song is by Usher and appears on the album Usher (1994).

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Think Of You
Oh Yeah
Sh De Da De Dup Dem De Doo

All the time I think of you
Holding on to someone new
Don't make me lose my mind
Seems like I've been here before
Baby I can't take no more
Of you tryin' to play me out, Baby

I feel so strange thinking about you
After all the wrong you've Done to me
I can't go on feeling like I do
Cause my heart loves you
I'm so confused

Don't waste my time
Cause someone like me you'll never find
I thought we had a good thing
But I was wrong and now I must move on

To another love one that I can trust
In my heart I know she'll never run away
Just can't talk no more
So I'm out the door
Talk to me
Why you wanna play love games

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