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Alas, I did (w/ the exception of 1 EP) finish "your" half-done page; and so I humbly beg your forgiveness for touching "your stuff".
Alas, I did (w/ the exception of 1 EP) finish "your" half-done page; and so I humbly beg your forgiveness for touching "your stuff".
[[User:Christien LeBlanc|Christien LeBlanc]] 03:57, May 2, 2012 (UTC)
[[User:Christien LeBlanc|Christien LeBlanc]] 03:57, May 2, 2012 (UTC)
== The Dreaming ==
Hi Christien,
I [[User talk:LWChris#Reply|answered]] on my talkpage to both of you. I will try to solve this conflict, but I have to warn you: I've read the posts of you two on the talk pages, and it appeared to me like you were mentioning this report as a threat. I want to underline that I preserve my right to look on this issue in a neutral way. This means that I will not make anybody of you two responsible for the controversy, and I will not count the mistakes anyone made. I'm only trying to straight this out again. You're welcome to reply on my talkpage, but please keep it short ;) - [[User:LWChris|Chris]] 20:52, May 2, 2012 (UTC)

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Deleted pages

Hi, nice to have you back after all.

I'm here to explain something before I forget about it: some of the "Cynergy 67" lyrics pages you created were deleted because they did not contain lyrics yet (they said the album release is the first of May). We remove such pages because we want to avoid Google displaying the pages as if we already had the lyrics although we do not. Some lyrics pages do that way and therefore have a bad reputation, because you find them via Google and visit them just to see that the page contains nothing but a statement like "we do not have content for this page". That's always very frustrating, so we decided to only have pages we have the appropiate content for. Feel free to re-add them as soon as you've got the lyrics. - Chris 18:43, April 29, 2012 (UTC) ____________________________________

Hmm, okay.

They're an Independent non-Major-Label Band... so random searches on the internet, especially ones which result in exposure of the upcoming album, like the ones deleted here, can only help the band (and this site, as no other site has anything, other than the album's title, if that), and fans of their previous work &/or fans of their genre, by letting them know a new album is days away from being released... and that they can check back (to this very site) & get the lyrics soon -- and given they're an Indie-Band... there's not many sites that will have ANY of their lyrics, old, or new... so I don't really see where the harm is, in cases like this, and particularly when the album's release date is imminent.

-- I do get what you're saying about frustrating sites that claim to have lyrics but don't... believe me, I get that & have been there myself countless times... But, for the reasons stated above, it's not really an example of "those other frustrating sites", because they do that for albums which have been released for months, and even years earlier -- where as, anyone finding these, would've immediately known just to check back in a week or two (after the album's release).

--At any rate... I should have them soon & will add 'em when I do. --No problem / Message received. Christien LeBlanc 19:27, May 1, 2012 (UTC)

Dreaming EPs


While hurling insults, you tore into me about my Edits/Posts not being 100% accurate as I claimed... (Despite 100% of the Edits being Necessary because of rampant errors & incomplete lyric postings... by you) -- you said there were all kinds of things wrong, and suggested I clean out my ears... I suggested you listen to the actual Songs in question, the Exact Version of those songs in question, noting there are 3-4 different versions of a few... And finally, I get an answer to the, one of many, accusations... LOL, the only thing you could find, in all the edits/posts, was that in 1 Line, there was 1 Type-o. __ Not only did you not have the decency to mention WHICH song (making me waste time searching through all of them, as you didn't correct it)... but you didn't even have the humility, to apologize for the insults & snide remarks (for that, or any of the other insults & off-the-wall comments)

I still have no idea why you even contacted me to begin with.... You admitted several times you didn't even know how to do, what it was you were suggesting I do (change title names)....

I wrote a friendly reply, & mentioned why it was a good idea to finish the page properly, especially since there ware so many Different versions of similarly (or same) titled songs in different releases...

But you went absolutely ape-sh**, as if I'd taken a dump in your cereal... because I had the nerve to properly finish an artist page, that you'd begun a while back; but never finished.

If I had known it was "holy ground" in your eyes, I'd have sent you a message & asked for permission, before treading onto "your" page.

Never mind the fact that all of the lyrics were wrong &/or incomplete to some extent... Never mind the fact that over half the Artist Page wasn't finished... and Never mind the fact that this page has been this way, for a very, very long time... Apparently, other people aren't allowed to "touch your stuff", not even to correct gross inaccuracies, because you never got out of the "terrible two" phase, and everything is still, "mine, mine mine" with you.

Alas, I did (w/ the exception of 1 EP) finish "your" half-done page; and so I humbly beg your forgiveness for touching "your stuff". Christien LeBlanc 03:57, May 2, 2012 (UTC)

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