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Hello, thank you for adding lyrics to LyricWiki. As your intention is to add new content that's difficult to get, I want to offer you additional, special support.

As you know I read your blog posts and I wanted to make some small things clear.

  1. About the {{Song}} template: you should add the alias parameter to the template containing the Thai name only.
  2. About the fLetter in {{SongFooter}}: Please use "Thai" as fLetter. The internal script has no logic so it'll put the first letter, but 44 Thai symbols combined with only a (compared to other languages) small number of Thai songs are too few songs per category to rectify own fLetter categories.
  3. About transscriptions and translations: It's great you provide them, but please move them to a subpage.
  4. About artist names: As we already cleared up in blog post, the popular artist name is preferred in the page titles. Good point you asked. I think we'll have to rework the help page on that topic.
  5. About page titles: Given that both artist and song name are in non-roman script, the format is "Original Artist Name (Romanized Artist Name):Original Song Title". As you can see, the song title does not have the romanization or translation in the title. Instead, we use {{TransTitle}} on the song pages:
    The Thai title of this song is "ภาพลวงตา". This is read as "P̣hāphlwngtā" and means "Mirage".

    That was Google translator. I don't know whether that's correct, but I think you know how it's used.

All points are also explained at the help pages for non-English songs. Further questions? Feel free to ask me by answering here. I'll watch this page. - Chris 14:19, February 18, 2012 (UTC)

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