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So, uh...Polysics's "Buggie Technica" has lyrics. Surprise?

Well, they may not quite be lyrics, but what I thought was random vocoder noises are actually words. What's more, the words are different on all three albums. Essentially, all three versions are kind of an introduction of the band members at the time, from what I can tell. I find it kind of interesting, given the changes the band and its lineup underwent between versions. Anyways, here's what I have so far on the versions individually, if anyone's interested:

-I can't quite understand the original version on 1st P outside of the opening "We are Polysics" that's present in all three versions and mentions of POLY-1, POLY-2, POLY-3, and POLY-4, the codenames the band used prior to POLY-2's departure after the release of 1st P. (What's interesting is that these codenames also show up in the PV for "Plus Chicker".) I might be able to make it out after listening to it some more

-I can mostly make out what's being said/sung in the POLYSICS OR DIE!!!! version. I'm just missing something at the end of the vocoder part, right before the halfway scream. Part of it does just sound like vocoder noise, but it sounds like there's at least one coherent word in it. Also, interestingly enough, when I was first listening, I had initially misheard the "Polysics or die" line after the lines introducing Hayashi, Kayo, and Fumi, thinking it was a mention of Junichi Sugai, who had left the year before. No such mention exists within the song. I guess this version was recorded after Sugai's departure, but before Masashi Yano joined.

-Now, the version on 15th P is the one that opened my eyes to the truth once I started listening to it through a decent pair of headphones and had more experience deciphering the vocoder. In any case, there isn't really anything to question about this version. I've got the lyrics down outside of a rogue syllable after each "We are Polysics". It could be an expression of 'ス (su)', but it's also likely that it's a placeholder syllable there to keep the line from sounding off in comparison to the older versions.

To be honest, I discovered this quite a while back. However, I really didn't have any idea what to do with the information, as it's essentially one song with three different sets of lyrics. I was a bit of a newbie and didn't really think to look around the help desk or admin's talk pages or even ask. Also, it kinda would have been pointless to try to fix the pages when I couldn't understand the vocoder well enough in the older versions to make out anything at the time. (Trust me when I say the vocoder got a lot clearer over the years.)

The reason I bring it up now is,'s relevant, now that I'm working a little more in-depth on 15th P. Also, I've found youtube videos of the POLYSICS OR DIE!!!! version, allowing me to listen to it. The other two were and are available to listen to on US/NA Spotify. I've looked into possible ways to handle this, and I have the idea that the proper way to go about it is to have pages for "Buggie Technica"(1st P), "Buggie Techinica" (POLYSICS OR DIE!!!!), and "Buggie Technica 2012" (15th P) and create a disambiguation page, using the Wrong Page template to tie them all together. I may just leave it a little longer, at least until I finish Now is the time! and What's This???, as POLYSICS OR DIE!!!! will be next in line for general checking/fixing.