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Justin Bieber

Fans of Justin Bieber will be delighted as a special Director's Cut of "Never Say Never" will be released on August 23, 2011 by Paramount Entertainment. The two dvd set will feature a variety of features.

Disc One is kind of boring as far as features goes, as it contains the Director's Fan cut of the film.

Disc Two is where all the fun is at. It will include:

  • Evolution Of A Tour: A behind-the-scenes look at the tremendous effort that went into mounting Justin Bieber's My World Tour including footage of the rehearsals, dance training and more.
  • Day Of The Concert: Follow Justin as he prepares for the biggest concert of his career.
  • More Less Lonely Girls: Justin sings to lucky fans across the country.
  • Life On The Road: Hang out with Justin in this unique peek at what his life is like on a daily basis.
  • Sound Check Parties: An all-access look at the exclusive pre-show parties.
  • The Dougie: A montage of Justin and Team Bieber doing their best Dougie-dances.
  • The Rocket Ship Girls: A closer look at some of Justin’s biggest fans.
  • Can You Sing "Baby"?: Justin performs “Baby” for his golden ticket-winning fans.
  • White Chocolate Interview: Justin hangs out with his friends.
  • The Director: Jon M. Chu discusses his process in bringing Justin's life to the big screen.
  • Digital Copy

Will you be getting this DVD when it comes out?

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