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I was surprised to win the Grammy contest here on LyricWiki with my comment that I was rooting for They Might Be Giants to win for best children's album -- they ended up losing to that upstart interloper Pete Seeger.

Sure, I could have used the $50 iTunes gift card to buy a bunch of iPhone apps, but I decided that wouldn't be in the spirit of LyricWiki. Instead, I bought five albums that I chose more or less at random from my extensive "want list"...

Also in the spirit of LyricWiki, I made sure all five albums were represented here (Get Yr Blood Sucked Out had been the only one acknowledged), and brought four out of the five up to Gold status. The exception is The Portrait Is Finished..: turns out I can decipher lyrics if either they're reasonably straightforward, or the singer is understandable. And between Sydney Vermont's warbling and the lo-fi aesthetic that the kids love so much these days, there are a lot of words I just can't get well enough to even make an attempt. (Compare to Lullaby Baxter, who is understandable enough that it doesn't matter that her lyrics can be a bit bizarre.)

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