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Hi everyone! My username is Steffy13 and I'm the one who usually spams Japanese edits. This is actually my first blog (yay! 10 points Grin) and I wanted to point out a couple of things I've been encountering and to discuss it with everyone.

  1. First, I was wondering if a template for Event Features would be necessary. Some songs were used as theme for some unique or recurring events, but there is no suitable template for them. For example, Shakira's This Time for Africa was used as a theme song for the Football World Championship, but there is no way to mark it so because it's not a TV Series, nor a Movie nor a TV Advert.
  2. Second, I think the {{Award}} template is quite disappointing in some cases. There are many kind of awards and they also have different categories. When using it I just don't know how to put all that information into just one parameter: where does the category go? how do I write it? Before or after? If I put "X awards" in the parameters, then the template doubles "award" but if I don't, then in Footer it appears without "award". I think a "category" parameter would be necessary to make things clearer and to sort the awards better, because aside of the three most important ones who have their own template, the rest are left aside. My suggestion is to make it something like "Awards/LyricWiki Awards/Most Edited Song of the Year" (similar to Country/State/Hometown) style or something like this.

These are the two things I wanted to point out. I'd like to know your thoughts about them Proud

Thanks for reading and happy editing!

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