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So, apparently this youtuber, Cathymaay15 has started to get viral traction recently, much like Rebecca Black of Friday fame. However, this is slightly different. Her thing is that she doesn't sing on-key or have traditionally styled vocals but is still completely unapologetic about singing in her own style. Some seem to think she's horrible and others are proud of her for just doing her thing.

This is her talking about how she feels about the situation: Cathymaay15 about Cathymaay15 And this is an example of her singing Lady Gaga's Pokerface: Cathymaay15 doing "Pokerface"

I can't help but wonder if she's reading the lyrics off of LyricWiki while she's singing. Hmm...

Anywho... what do you think of her and/or her popularity? Should we have a page for her?

Sorry that my blog continues to be more Pop-ish... I think it's partially because this stuff is easy to write about whereas I'd have to really put some thought into writing a post about why APC's Thirteenth Step has a ridiculous amount of replay value. You should harass me to write other stuff & share more info about LyricWiki's code, etc. ;)

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