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Here are the 10 songs I find myself listening to the most right now:

  1. KoRn:Narcissistic Cannibal - KoRn and Skrillex in the same song? hard rock and techno (dubstep)? ..I could have added this to my playlist before I'd even heard it :P
  2. The Roots:The Seed (2.0) ft. Cody Chesnutt - catchy funk song. Lyrically... well, lets hope there's nothing Freudian going on here.
  3. The Smashing Pumpkins:The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning - an awesome, dark song with apocryphal lyrics. Heard it recently and remembered it from when it was used on The Watchmen soundtrack.
  4. Mr. Scruff:Music Takes Me Up - happy, upbeat song about how awesome music is :D
  5. Mac Miller:Donald Trump (nsfw) - because I'm also from Pittsburgh and am trying to take over the world ;)
  6. Die Antwoord:Enter The Ninja (nsfw) - sometimes you just need some Zef Ninja Rap playing while you build stuff.
  7. Don Huonot:Seireeni - I don't understand a word of it because it's in Finnish, but User:LYRIC-Jho explained it to me years ago when he introduced me to the song. ;) He's basically saying he'll do whatever he wants.
  8. Spoon:Don't You Evah - extremely catchy, toe-tapping song which has a fun video of a real robot (Keepon) dancing to it in Japan.
  9. Stromae:Alors On Dance - A French song whose title basically "and then we dance". It was a big dance hit in Europe, but the lyrics are pretty interesting so check out the english translation.
  10. Tesco Value:Botany Play (nsfw) - This is a cool song in the way it manages to transform itself between the beginning and the end in a way that you'd think they were completely different songs. Very similar to what Stairway To Heaven did. Clever :)

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But enough about my playlist.... What are you listening to right now!? :D

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