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While my first mission (sorry, German) that I did set out in here seems to be somewhat in good shape (haven't checked all the lyrics yet, and there are some lyrics still missing in their Christmas album), I did set out for a second mission now:

Get Son Goku into Gold state

I started this band's page originally, it is really a band worth digging into because of great lyrics, and given that they only produced a single album might make this task something that shouldn't be too hard to complete. Hopefully I will be able to do so in not too long time. And maybe I will nominate a song or two for LyricWiki:Song of the Day, but I guess I should try to get it translated first so that others can enjoy the great lyrics that Thomas D wrote for this project, too.

Rhonda D'Vine 13:06, October 3, 2011 (UTC)

P.S.: I wonder whether there is a complete blogroll that shows all the User blog entries that one could subscribe to, to make this more useful. Was unable to find anything along that lines at all ...

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