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Hey. I finally finished my work on Sookee:Mortem & Makeup (2017) to get it to gold status. I'll go through the song pages again to update the outstanding information in the Song Info header on the discussion page with the entries that got filled in by bots (thanks! :))

And this brings me to a specific part of the Song Info template: Does anyone remember/know what the "Audio status" is all about? I have looked through the help pages but found nothing there, which is kinda confusing ...

Anyway, a response to my own last blog entry: I had a discussion with User:Senvaikis about it, and there were some points raised which I can live with. I still consider it a bit too quickly for it to get deleted, and the response from the person who deleted it got me rather more angry than making me understand the why, but I can totally encourage everyone to discuss it with Senvaikis when anything pops up that you wonder about.

In this case, what convinced me that it is a useful thing to delete those pages regularly (to me, less reguarly would be more helpful, but that's only a tiny bit in the part) because the Lyrics wiki is actually about the Lyrics, not a discography for the artists. So it might even be doubted if artist/album pages for artists that only produce instrumental songs are good to put up here. Yes, there is the instrumental placeholder, but that is mostly for albums that aren't instrumental only. So while I still love me my Jean Michel Jarre I'm uncertain if some of his albums really should be on here. After all, it's a lyrics wiki, not a discography wiki.

This got my thoughts more along the line of what we (or more specificly, I) want to achieve on here, too: Make lyrics to songs that I love accessible to a broader audience. And that's still my motiviation, and will it stay.

Over'n'out, Rhonda

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