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It seems the site changed in a way that is working against contributions. If one isn't able to put lyrics in within 24 hours the album page will get deleted, *and* with it the album art, *AND* with it also the album entry on the band page.

Seriously? This is highly demotivating and telling people not to bother - unless you are coming up with lyrics. But then it doesn't matter that the rest of the songs are dead links, the page stays. This is a kind of hypocritical approach and doesn't leave people the chance to add things one after another because it will get deleted beforehand.

I fear I will stop working on here if that trend continues and is confirmed by multiple admins of the site, and remove my cert/watch from all the pages I put it on because unfortunately a site admin tells me through that that contribution isn't wanted unless you invest time according to their schedule instead of your own pace when you can anymore like it was when I started to work here.

Sorry, but that's a big NO GO for me. I can't contribute to a project that tells me when and how much time I should invest at a time because that's not how my time schedule works. I love music, I truly do, and I love to share my love for music, but the way this is currently handled there is no way for me to be motivated to continue on here.

Hope that I'm mistaken and get some more useful feedback about the issue, but right now I don't see any way to continue with a good conscience and feeling of that my contributions are welcomed.

Stay tuned, or stay away from this wikia if you got other things that are more rewarding than getting your contributions deleted again.

Enjoy, Rhonda