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Ephesians 5:19 instructs Christians to address one another 'in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, making melody to the Lord with your heart'.

It's not entirely clear what the distinction between 'hymns' and 'spiritual songs' is. Nevertheless, this blog post contains Christian-themed songs which have been covered many times but which were written in the era of widely-published recorded music, so that they could not reasonably be said to be 'traditional'. Traditional hymns I've worked on are here.

The format is the same as my post on country standards, so the aim is:

  • to list every LyricWikia version of the song as a cover on the page of the original lyricis;
  • to link every version back to the article for the original recording;
  • where the song is on Wikipedia, to ensure that there is a Wikipedia-embedded link in every version of the song;
  • to ensure that the original songwriter is credited in the CreditBox for every version of the song.

Spiritual Songs

Title Original Artist Writer Year Written Wikipedia Article? #LW Versions Last Updated
The Great Speckled Bird Roy Acuff Guy Smith 1936 Yes Wikipedia16 9 22 September 2016
Peace in the Valley Mahalia Jackson Thomas A. Dorsey 1937 Yes Wikipedia16 26 17 September 2016
Wings of a Dove Ferlin Husky Bob Ferguson Wikipedia16 1958 Yes Wikipedia16 13 01 October 2016
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