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I seemed to have branched out to musicals, especially those by Andrew Lloyd Webber, and to the pleas on the requests page.

The requests page is not easy! As one might expect, a lot of the lyrics are hard to make out, and the meaning of the songs is not always transparent. I was really struggling with Attention Cherie by April March, but happily a YouTube commentator had transcribed what turned out to be the correct lyrics. Dirt Bike by The Reliable Narrators also posed some challenges, not least of which being 'What is the appropriate way of rendering a vocalised motorbike noise?'

I'm currently working on the album request for The Island Moved In The Storm (2008) by Matt Bauer. The lyrics look as though they'd repay closer reflection, but since I know nothing about the writer's background and context, I doubt I'd get very far.

Hymnwise, I've now done:

The work on completing Don Francisco continues; the work on Stuart Townend is in abeyance.

I was also quite happy to beat the rush to upload the lyrics for Adele's new song from her upcoming album, 25.

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