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hello people!

i just wanted to write a blog about how "miley's growing up to fast", i hope that's okay...

anyways, it seems to me that either she wants to be very strong with what's going on outside stardom, or she wanted to do this:

she is really what you see now, but she wanted to come off as this person who you'd all love, so she starts as someone "simple sweet calm and collected" and then shoots off as the insane star she wants to be.

and if anyone's to blame, it's britney spears and gaga, their much older (no ofence) but rock hard, i mean, don't you see the resemblance between miley's outfit here and gaga's outfits?

plus britney was a Disney star too, remember this people!

this what happens when you are forced to grow up...

(yet i still love the music)


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