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If someone out there was really curious last year, he might have heard about my template system "T-Line" that I am developing. And who was interested and tried to stay up to date already noticed that I haven't much done since September, so my initial planned rollout date within 2011 was not possible. But now it'll be different and I'm trying to gather everything I need to finally finish this template system. It's still mainly the documentation that's missing for most of the templates, and many templates themselves are still missing, unfortunately. However I created a pretty table for a better overview so you know what's missing where. Please keep in mind that this is an overview to look at, not one that's asking you to implement this. Besides to me doubting that anyone deliberately tries to mock my style of coding or writing a documentation yet, I don't want to have one big mess, so please be fair and don't edit anything. I will try to create everything until next month.

A small perspective regarding the missing templates:

  • The templates for translations and multiple languages
  • Supporting the non-roman scripts
  • Badges (they'll mostly stay the way they are)
  • Categorypage templates (won't have to be ready before release)
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