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Our templates are (besides the lyrics) the core of LyricWiki. I allege that there are less than 500 contentpages within LyricWiki, that have absolutely no templates at all on them. That is, that most templates are widely spread all over the site and heavily used.

As we all know, a change to these templates basically means to change all the pages that transclude them; that is why changes in any templates are usually held back as long as possible, as soon as the affected template included more often than just a few times.
On the one hand, this keeps us from a lot of trouble. After a transcluded template was changed, the server has to update the HTML-cache for all pages that transclude it. A change in the {{Song}} template would mean to change more than one million pages – at the same time. A pure horror for our oppressed JobQueue.
But: on the other hand, that means a lot of good ideas that'd ease the use of our templates are held back for a long time as well. I've been looking around reading a lot of wishes, ideas, discussions and problems, and kept all good ideas I found in my mind. Furthermore I've been editing many pages, too, so I can tell what is most complicated about our templates, from my own experience or from what problems and "solutions" I've seen.

As time went by, the sticky-notes in my head piled up to a good list of necessary changes and ideas. I'm an old man of 18 years Wink and cannot keep them all in my mind, and I created a list in order that I will not forget about them. There's really a lot of good stuff on that list; I'm of the opinion that finally the time has come to let them all come true.
At the moment, I am background-changing and -coding all these ideas into wiki-markup to release them as soon as I am ready.

Some changes won't affect your work at all, but most will affect the comfort, the functionality or both. The most important changes will be announced in another blog post shortly before the new templates are released. Well, from what I've heared (WinkBiggrin) there'll be some major changes that will reform the way of the songpages linking to their albums. Hint: if you keep your eyes open, you'll discover it already.

So long.

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