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I don't know what you do if can't sleep at night. But as I maintain the LyricWiki channel at YouTube, I fumble together some tracklists of mixes that people uploaded without giving away their tracklist. Usually the comments are full of "What's the track at <random timemark here>?" postings, and I'm gladly answering them all now.

I suppose you don't know "Edeka". It's a large German grocery store chain that's famous for being specialized on food, so that you can visit their store and ask them any question and they answer it perfectly. That's their advertisement. Slogan: "Edeka - Wir lieben Lebensmittel", translated as "Edeka - We love groceries".

Well, people, how about "LyricWiki - We love music"? We love music so much that we actually spend hours in front of our PCs, skipping back and forth through 3 hours of Paul Kalkbrenner. And that was no irony at all Grin! This is what makes the difference between LyricWiki and other lyric collections.

So back to my tracklist, I'll see how positively they will accept this service. I also did that for deadmau5 twice, and the comments went up to 250 thumbs up within a week (and all without the "thumbs up so it'll stick to the top" addition, for we all are annoyed by "thumbs up" begging). Now it's around 90, but YouTube doesn't show it as top comment anymore (not sure why). But hey, as long as people know it's down there, I'm fine with it.

So youtube world, here you go, I hope I made a few people happier now. Smile

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