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Hey baby,

tonight I was some kind of blue. Because after hours of being alone with you, I don't want no other than you anymore. Maybe sometimes I forget what's missing since you're outta my life, but that lasts only some fifths of a second or something equal. Since you left, I bleed inwardly, I am jaded, bored and sleepless, and I miss you so much that I'd call you right this second if I didn't have to leave in 15 minutes. I know, this sounds like a bad excuse, but it's true... It's been so long since I saw you, my mental image of you is fading like a vanishing point in the fog.

I have no clue why we ran into complications, but this sucks. Life made me an Aprils Fool again. I guess it's not you though... Everything before the turning point of our date was great. Everything after that bitter moment was not exactly what I had planned. You know, I thought that change is good and overdid it, as if I had tried to add some chords to the finished symphony we had, just making everything worse again.

The big difference between you & I is that before I met you I've been a careless creep giving catcalls to every attention whore as if I was a sex slave, whereas you were the one to support important stuff like animal rights and so on. But since I let you slip, I thought inside out and I realized that I want you back. My fucking adventure and all the time of waste-behaviour is over now. I know there're no reasons for you to trust me already, but I hope you give me another chance.

It's tricky for me to do this, but I'll go ahead and say it: I really miss you, and I wish you were there, sharing your secrets with me like I shared mine with you, just like we used to. I'd love to invite you here so we can try again. Where is here? At the moment, I'm in a city in Florida. I remember you said you were bored of Canada, and I did the maths and figured out that with my new job plus some overdraft I could afford a house here in Florida by October. I hope you accept my apology and maybe move for me/with me then?

I won't be back before Monday, but maybe we can meet again on Tuesday? Okay, time's up, I have to leave. What else is there to say than, bye friend, seeya next tuesday (I hope).

P.S.: I bought you a little something. For lack of a better name, the vendor called the disk "Dub5tep Thingy", whatever. I hope you enjoy it.

P.P.S.: Good news: I found out where this noise you kept hearing came from: like I said, it was rattling papers. I found them, they were hidden hardly noticeable behind the plants on the window ledge. That is: my house isn't haunted by ghosts n stuff! What a satisfaction...

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