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Oh my gosh, I just looked at my edit count and noticed it is running towards the magical number of 123.456 edits. Not that I am very enthusiastic about such numbers in general, but somehow it's cool! I'm not planning to do any "special" edit for the 123.456th edit... I think my 100.000th edit was also some minor edit done by one of my scripts.

Talking of which, I have to tell you they all got lost because of a little mishap. Yup, that's right, 50 scripts are gone (or at least their latest working versions, I have some of them as backup somewhere on my PC). And here's how it happened: I used to get involved into developing of Firefox when they had not started their update madness with a major version leap every month. However I've stopped the so-called Nightly-testing when they started with it, because updating your Nightly plus Firefox was a bit nasty.

At the moment, I'm working hard to create a short YouTube advertisement for LyricWiki. I had to use the browser a lot for it, but my shortcuts always started Nightly instead of Firefox. That's why I decided to fianlly uninstall Nightly. Unfortunately I misunderstood the uninstaller option "Remove all Nightly data. Do not tick this if you plan to reinstall Nightly after this." As you are warned, I think you know what that "Nightly" actually meant: it meant any Mozilla browser.

So what happened after all was that all my Firefox profiles have been deleted, together with their carefully selected cookies, the dozens of add-ons, the Greasemonkey scripts, the Stylish styles, the Clippings templates, the hundreds of bookmarks and all the shortcuts for LyricWiki. Indeed I set up my browser evolving around LyricWiki, I think 50% of my customization is to enhance LyricWiki edit experience.

A blessing in disguise: I bought a laptop some months ago so I set up "Firefox Sync". Thanks to that tool it was quite easy to re-download all my bookmarks and add-ons again. But the scripts were lost... On the other hand I'm a programmer, so I'm confident I can resurrect them when I need them again, at some time.

To get back to the initial topic, after this post it should be 20 or 19 edits to my 123.456th edit; I don't know if posting a blog post counts, but I guess it does. Have fun and keep editing, like I always did, you see where it gets you (a cool number in your page header, wow...)

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