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Whoever took a look into my edit history will notice a significant cut in my edit count after the night from 31th of August to the 1st of September. Well, it is not coincidence that this cut went along with the increment of the month number; suddenly, the times when I had 24 hours of a day spare time to either sleep, eat or edit Wink were over and I had an apprenticeship (Mathematical Technical Software Developer) and academic studies (Scientific Programming). Assuming I'm awake 17 hours per day, it currently eats up 46% of the time I'm awake (wanna calculate how long I'm away each day now? Tongue). It'll be even more next month, so don't expect any heap of edits in the next time.

Yes, there was that template project and its results are pretty promising by now. However I didn't get to the point of readiness for a wide-spread deployment, because there are still some basic templates missing, as well as the template documentations and furthermore it needs the API to adjust to transcluding. There's a lot on my to do list, but I'll keep up the work and it'll someday be ready. It's too good to remain a test! So long, keep on editing, folks.

Yours, Chris

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