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aka Chris

  • I live in Aachen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
  • I was born on October 14
  • My occupation is Software Developer
  • I am male
  • LWChris

    Although I like most electronic genres – including Dubstep – there's also a lot of Dubstep I do not like. I'm calling that kind of Dubstep "Hack'n'Slay", and it's usually the style of youngsters fresh to the genre. I feel like they're overdoing the style of mixing synthesizers. I imagine them producing their music like so: "oh I love this, lets put that distortion noise in here, oh look at this drop, aw what a nice break down, now add some synth screams" etc. etc. After all, you end up having a track created of nothing but different sound effects, just like someone had his synthesizer running and then hack'n'slayed the buttons on his control panel.

    When you understand a music track as a puzzle, they created a row of puzzle pieces that do no…

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  • LWChris

    Once again Gracenote enforced us to take down the lyrics for some songs, and I can totally understand people are disappointed whenever a song goes down that they worked on. However, I see this whole Gracenote thing in a different light and wanted to share my thoughs.

    The thing with Gracenote is: it's a so-called negative statistic (at least I call that phenomenon "negative statistics"). Basically it's always the same situation: you run into negative statistics whenever something annoys you. That can be a person calling you all the time, red lights, etc.

    The crux is: you only notice these things when they annoy you, but not when they don't although they could have. Take the phone calls as example: if you feel like that one person is calling y…

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  • LWChris


    tonight I was . Because after hours of being , than you anymore. since you're , but that lasts only some of a second or something . Since you left, I inwardly, I am , and , and I miss you so much that I'd call you if I didn't have to leave in . I know, this sounds like a , but it's true... It's been so long since I saw you, my of you is fading like a in the fog.

    I have we ran into , but . Life made me an Fool again. I guess though... the of our date was great. that moment was what I had planned. You know, I thought that and overdid it, as if I had tried to add to the we had, just making everything worse again.

    between is that before I met you I've been a giving to every as if I was a , whereas you were the to i… Read more >
  • LWChris

    Sleepless nights

    June 10, 2012 by LWChris

    I don't know what you do if can't sleep at night. But as I maintain the LyricWiki channel at YouTube, I fumble together some tracklists of mixes that people uploaded without giving away their tracklist. Usually the comments are full of "What's the track at ?" postings, and I'm gladly answering them all now.

    I suppose you don't know "Edeka". It's a large German grocery store chain that's famous for being specialized on food, so that you can visit their store and ask them any question and they answer it perfectly. That's their advertisement. Slogan: "Edeka - Wir lieben Lebensmittel", translated as "Edeka - We love groceries".

    Well, people, how about "LyricWiki - We love music"? We love music so much that we actually spend hours in front of our P…

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  • LWChris

    Edit count and scripts

    April 14, 2012 by LWChris

    Oh my gosh, I just looked at my edit count and noticed it is running towards the magical number of 123.456 edits. Not that I am very enthusiastic about such numbers in general, but somehow it's cool! I'm not planning to do any "special" edit for the 123.456th edit... I think my 100.000th edit was also some minor edit done by one of my scripts.

    Talking of which, I have to tell you they all got lost because of a little mishap. Yup, that's right, 50 scripts are gone (or at least their latest working versions, I have some of them as backup somewhere on my PC). And here's how it happened: I used to get involved into developing of Firefox when they had not started their update madness with a major version leap every month. However I've stopped th…

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