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This is my first post. I will write in this blog a series called "Have You Ever Heard" (HYEH). Every post I will talk about an unknown band, but that has great songs.

Agent M


Agent M is an Estonian alternative rock band. The band comes from Northern-Europe, Estonia, Tallinn. Agent M started as a studio project of guitarist Marten Vill and a female singer Merili Varik in late 2004.

Singles "7 Surmapattu" and "Kus on mu kodu" very quickly gained wider attention by local radios and a full live band was formed.

In the beginning their music could could have been described as a retro sounding mixture of punk, alternative and disco music.

Later on some heavier sounds and rhythms from grunge and metal have appeared in their music balanced by radio friendly tunes and sweet female vocals.

The band has gained considerable reputation in the local main stream still using many alternative approaches like home-recording, self-production and other do-it-yourself methods. In spring 2007 Agent M was announced as the winner of Baltic New Music Chart.

The band released two EPs, "Shokolaad" in 2006, and "Kloostris me elada ei saa" in 2009, and a full album "Spionaaž" in 2007. The album has been present in local Top CD sales charts for several moths.


Their main influences are: The Stranglers, Blondie, Garbage, The Sounds, The Smashing Pumpkins and Queens Of The Stone Age.

Some great songs

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