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Okay, so Jacob survived to fight another week. Good for him. No, I wasn't wishing him off the show, but I did think that the end had come last week. Well, although I tend to agree that people should get out of their comfort zones I think they should either commit to getting out or staying in. They can’t half-step and sit on the fence. I wonder if the greatest performers became the greatest by doing what the record labels and producers wanted, or by doing what they felt was right. That lack of commitment to their personal style has come back to hurt a few of them - it has probably hurt Jacob most of all. I love gospel. I would rather see him fully commit to doing gospel like Smokie Norful or Donnie McClurkin and be voted off doing what he believes in, than to be wish-washy with secular stuff with which he is uncomfortable. Voice-wise he can probably sing whatever he wants. Style-wise he at times looks like a fish out of water. It has hurt Haley a bit at times, too. But I think she is finding her footing. Durbin has committed to being a rocker. I commend Scotty for committing to be country...Lauren, too. Not being committed is bad because in the long run the fans can identify that and probably won't support you.

I am usually pretty hard on the judges for saying silly and irrelevant stuff. But Jennifer made what was probably the most cogent and accurate comment of the night when she talked about James' consistency. While James is not my favorite I appreciate that he comes with it EVERY week. He usually hits it pretty well, but not always. But you know he will ALWAYS give 100% and I appreciate that. When I pay to see a show or buy a CD or see a performer on TV I'd like to think that the performer is giving 100% since I've paid 100% of my time, attention and cash to see them. Props to James for a good night.

Another of my non-favorites is Scotty. However, I believe that his performance last night was beautiful. I doubt that I will be a convert because Country is not my cup of tea, but I have to give credit where credit is due. So I credit him for really doing his thing and doing it well. He also seems to have grown up a little over the weeks. And he changed his mike grip! Duly noted and well done!  :)

In all I believe that last night's show was probably the best quality of performance by the contestants. Casey still does weird stuff with his face; Lauren still acts like a goofy school girl; Haley's voice still fades at times. But they all did really well with their interpretations of Carole King classics. I hope she's proud because a new generation can be exposed to some of the greatest music of your time through these budding stars. And I must say that the ladies were very pretty and tasteful. It added a certain elegance and charm to their performances. Last night was the first time that I actually got sensuality and sensitivity from Haley's solo performance instead of just sex. Good for her. For as hard as I've been on her she was really enjoyable. Jacob, Jacob, Jacob....I like you, but you will have to step up your game...if it isn't too late already.

It's funny that Lauren was compared to Miley Cyrus a week or two ago, and lo and behold who appeared last night? Well, Miley did provide some words of wisdom for Lauren. Unfortunately, because she isn't much older and doesn't possess much more sagacity (in fact her own foolishness has landed her in the press lately), Miley's words of advice really were not that deep. But it's good that Lauren seemed to appreciate and be motivated by the visit.

Speaking of Casey...and jazz one of the comments I read more and more often is about how he is too jazz and jazz is nice but not what being an American Idol is. To that I first say "huh?" Followed by a firm "whatever!" Somebody help me out here, but many years ago Kenny G won several Grammys and I believe was artist of the year for that year. Let's fast-forward to this year with Esperanza Spaulding. David Bowie and Rod Stewart have both ventured over into jazz as has Sting and Michael McDonald (granted, 3 of the 4 are not from the US). And a lot of people don't know that Glen Campbell can play a mean jazz could "country" Chet Atkins - an awesome country and jazz guitarist. So it is possible to have an American Idol who does jazz, too. I think that America is musically mature enough for one. He or she just has to be truly better than everyone else.

Props to Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds, too. He is one of the best in the business, and his input showed in the kids' performances. He is a master at selling feeling through music and lyrics, and for telling a story. Haley had one of her best nights so far - and it should be obvious that I have not been a Haley fan. But whatever lessons she got from Babyface really clicked and it showed last night. Her solo performance was one of her better efforts, although I still don't like and of the duets or group songs - they have not point and less entertainment value. I think she owes last night's performance to him. And if she ever had the opportunity to sign a record deal with him, she should take it because he has the prooven ability to help talent go far.

One suggestion - I would like to see the contestants to longer performance now that there are only a handful of them left. That will give them an opportunity to show their depth and range instead of looking at film clips and seeing so many guest performers. After all the show is about them, isn't it? A three minute performance would be more appropriate than a minute and a half. Save the duets (since they don't really add anything) and the special guest until Thursday Night. Let the kids go all out on Wednesday.

However, let's double back for a second. The judges are still not off the hook. The "in it to win it" and "_ _ _ _ _ wants to win it" (fill in the name of your choice) comments are sooo stupid and prejudicial. There are still several weeks left. They need to let it all play out. The really need to stop trying to sway and bias the process outside of their critiques and their votes. If they do not have constructive criticism they need to just be quiet.

And as always...Seacrest is an idiot. I would be remiss if I did not revisit last week for a second. Seacreast has no class or tact and sucks as a host. I think maybe he's been on there too long and trifles with his job. He is neither entertaining nor funny. It makes no sense to play games with the eliminations as if he really has some power or authority in the process. I do not like how he handled Haley with the way he told her she was safe. She is not my favorite, but she as well as the other two deserved better treatment. They are all still basically kids. It's enough pressure to have to be subjected to votes of millions of people, then have to endure his stupid games. This is not the first time that he has done dumb stuff that has screwed with the contestants and confused rather than entertained. For as much as I enjoy the show, he is an arrogant clown who really adds nothing. Another suggestion - rather than telling the last individual that he or she is safe to the total dismissal and shame of the person going home, maybe the comments should be directed completely at the person going home. I again reference DTWS. When it's time to announce who is going home they should announce who is leaving – not who is staying, talk to them then give them the opportunity for the final dance. It is more humane and tasteful that way. Whereas on Idol they announce who is safe and the looser is made to feel like a looser on national TV because he is ignored and gets lost in all the hoopla over the person who is safe. That is in poor taste and needs to change. I felt very badly for Stefano, although everyone who has been sent home in the past has been treated similarly.

Does anybody hear me?!?!...

L78lancer 19:44, April 28, 2011 (UTC)

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