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A few things came to mind later the shows last week. So I might as well do a brain dump so that I can get a fresh refill this week.

I've enjoyed watching and supporting the kids but I have just had it with some stuff. I have had enough of Jennifer to last a long time. Between ego, arrogance and conceit she has a very large zone of selfishness. She as frequently behaved like a petulant narcissistic child pretending to be a diva, but she has neither the class nor taste for that. Jennifer using the show to sell CDs was in extremely poor taste. Thank goodness the song and her performance sucked and was rather corny. After seeing her performance I wonder if any of the kids have ever taken her seriously. She waited until near the end of the season to criticize Jimmy Iovine - which seemed to be too little too late and somewhat insincere. Jimmy has given stupid advice all season. Why wait until near the end to call him on it? I agree with her comment but her timing and her motives seem suspect. Jennifer - stop trying to be a cute young girl. You're not. Your 40-year old butt and dance moves are betraying you. Grow up and give someone else a chance.

Additionally, the show never really focused on the kids to the degree that it should have this season because they too busy promoting cars, other stars, other tv shows and all kinds of other crap. In a 1 1/2 hour show we get 30 minutes of commercials, 30 minutes of filler, 10 minutes of special guest performances and 5 minutes of credits. That leaves about 15 minutes for actual performance from the competitors. The 1-hour show on Thursday is worse because they seem to squeeze all that other stuff in with no actual competition. It's a shame that we have to suffer through all that other garbage to be able to see the performances.

I liked Jacob all season but he was incredibly frustrating with his inconsistency and lack of courage at times. He knew he was going home and he had prepared himself - he had enough practice being in the bottom three. However, it was nice to see that he had the presence of mind and maturity to comfort his co-competitor at elimination time. Of course he made another silly comment, but life will teach him that the world is not all about him. It’s amazing to me how people seem at times so unrealistic about their favorites being voted off. It was no different for Jacob. Was Randy critical of him? Yes. Was Jimmy critical of him? Yes. Are all the fans idiot mindless tweens and teens? Nope. Many people vote for whom they like. Some just vote earlier and more often. The judges have some sway, but not much. They would have more if they were more credible. Jacob did say, however, that he will be recording the stuff that he wants to do so it sounds like he's already landed on his feet. I'd say that elimination didn't really hurt him at all.

BTW - while I'm not really a country music fan, I really enjoyed Lady Antebellum. They are the only guest that I've enjoyed so far this season and they didn't just waste tv time. They are obviously pros and showed the kids how it's done. I say props to them and thanks.

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