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The news that was moving to the Wikia neighborhood came as a bit of a shock, much as any big move in the physical world would. Sean and the fine folks at Wikia boxed everything up, shipped it to the new neighborhood, and suddenly here we are in our new digs. Now things are mostly the same. Living Room...check. Dining Room...check. Backyard with a tire swing...check. But things are different, too. There's some new paint, a few new rooms, there is still a little remodeling to be done, and things aren't quite where we remember it in some cases. (Let's start with my name at the moment, LYRIC-Kiefer.... Let's hope that that gets fixed soon!) A few boxes have been misplaced, perhaps. A few things chipped during the van ride, but all-in-all it hasn't been so bad.

Usually when one moves, the old neighborhood buddies are gone into the rear view mirror. At least here, those same buddies came along for the ride. The benefit of the move is that there are now tons of new potential editors from the Wikia family to go over these lyrics with a fine-toothed comb and ensure that our lyrics are the most accurate lyrics available. Better than any other lyrics site, better than CD liner lyrics, or even those posted on the artists' own websites! (Trust me...lyrics everywhere have errors!)

I realize that with this move, all of us who are the Old Guard will need to be extra patient with the new neighbors. (Yes, I, the Grumpy Old Man of LyricWiki, will try his darnedest not to yell "Get off the lawn!" to the new kids on the block.) The LyricWiki way is a bit...eccentric, after all. Many will need to get used to the templates, the style, the format, etc. and need help and guidance. Some will be experienced wiki-editors who won't understand why we do things the way that we do. Many of these will be completely correct in that we are a bit backward eccentric. Hopefully with their help, we can continue to improve and move forwards.

Sean, thanks for driving the van. Glad we could come along with you. It's all for the love of the music!

   Kiefer    talk    contribs    admin   02:23, September 2, 2009 (UTC)

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