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  • I live in Florida
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    My LyricWiki History

    September 3, 2009 by Kiefer

    On October 28, 2006, I made my first mark on the LyricWiki world with the bold creation of a page to hold 's lyrics. Since that initial creation the only other edits, I believe (and with the strangely-changed-names that were created it's kind of hard to tell), have been by bots. The song by no means was a hit, and I don't believe it was ever released as a single, but it is by my favorite artist, Bruce Hornsby. And a red link to a song that I owned and enjoyed by an artist that I own most of their creative output just wasn't sitting well with me that day.

    And that's how most of us, I'm guessing, start here. We check out a page of one of our favorite artists and see something that is missing or wrong, and our love of the music forces…

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  • Kiefer

    Wikia Move

    September 2, 2009 by Kiefer

    The news that was moving to the Wikia neighborhood came as a bit of a shock, much as any big move in the physical world would. Sean and the fine folks at Wikia boxed everything up, shipped it to the new neighborhood, and suddenly here we are in our new digs. Now things are mostly the same. Living Room...check. Dining Room...check. Backyard with a tire swing...check. But things are different, too. There's some new paint, a few new rooms, there is still a little remodeling to be done, and things aren't quite where we remember it in some cases. (Let's start with my name at the moment, LYRIC-Kiefer.... Let's hope that that gets fixed soon!) A few boxes have been misplaced, perhaps. A few things chipped during the van ride…

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