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I can blog whatever i like practically including maybe showing of some of my poetic writing skills ? which i write and dont pinch or steal from other artists just to make it clear.

Cant dwell on the past too much to it plus the scars, memories that are dark still piercing my heart, not near nor far i finish were i start, back to the beginning as i part back along the pointless path listening to these remarks, as boring as they are, time well wasted not well spent, nothing but a dent and another lost friend, nights well spent under the stars are, memories never to forget, with broken shards we can mend, or just pretend, that whats behind did last and that we never shattered the dense, mirrors of our past but for the memories that are dark, piercing my heart sharp as darts leaving their mark, i jus cannot forget, with a month or two of sunsets, peace and no regret possibility is visible once again to move on and get, more positive outlets and start out fresh

Wrote it when i was bored thinking of shit in the past ...

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