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Hello, Music Wiki. Some of you may have noticed that there a wikis dedicated to certain musical artists (such as Lady Gaga, Ke$sha, etc.) However, there is not an official wiki dedicated to the extremely popular singer Lorde. However, that is about to change soon!

I have started working on a wiki called "Lordepedia". Things are going smoothly so far, but Lordepedia needs a lot of work if it wants to be in the same league as Gagapedia and Ke$hapedia. However, that is where you come in! You have a chance to make Wikia history!

There are currently 3 bureaucratic/administrative positions open for the most dedicated Lorde fans: Vice Chairman, Executive Manger, and Chief Vandilism Remover. The Vice Chairman will assist the Chairman (me) in running the entire wiki. The Executive Manager will be in charge of working with our CSS, Java, etc. The Chief Vandilism Remover will be in charge of ensuring that Lordepedia is vandilized.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime oppurtunity! You should take it!

In order to apply for any of these jobs, write a two-paragraph essay on my message wall on why you should have the position you are requesting. Please do not complain if you are not selected.

That is all. Good luck to everybody who is going to apply!

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