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i have no idea what this song is so here is the lyrics: Its stupid how I’m going on everybody knowing that I’m sewing up the game, destroying like they hate me for it Eventually see they cant beat than with me they join others sworn under oath, or banished left completely scorn you tell lies, get caught, n-gga kick rocks you never did blend in with the big shots on the fast track, aint no need for no pit stops I just laugh at, n-gga wishing it was this hot guess they mad at me huh, really pissed off better that than pissed on I’m the Jetsons you the Flintstones catch me in the end zone high stepping prime time thought you n-ggas been on aint no blocking my shine like my new air Yeezy’s, you can see me in the night time I get rich off living life, you check to check reciting rhymes so call me what you want, wanna hate, have a nice time while I get stupid paper, hey my dough aint in its right mind (mind, mind)

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