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Please read and post your comments/thoughts on the points in the post.

Whilst I signed up to this wiki almost a year ago, I have only in the past couple of weeks become a regular contributor. In general the site is great, and there are a few possible enhancements that I feel would make things just a little easier for me. I thought I would share these here and perhaps get your perspective on them.

  • Replacing special characters
There is an excellent bot that will replace grammatically correct letters with more easily searchable ones in order to comply with site guidelines. (Think grammatically correct quote “ to " or ‘ to ' or an ellipses … to three dots … etc.) Help:Contents/Editing/Formatting/Songs#Lyrics
It would be fantastic if this bot could also take care of punctuation characters at the end of sentences and capitalization of words at the beginning of sentences (or even better yet, that the guidelines be updated to allow for end of line punctuation and start of line capitalization which is often as the artist themselves wrote the song - deciding on what is unnecessary seems very subjective in my opinion.)
  • Deleting albums with no lyrics.
Yes, THAT topic again. I understand the arguments for doing this (this is a lyrics site, not an album site; we don’t want to advertise what we don’t actually have etc.)
I have, however, personally experienced having the album deleted in less hat 30 minutes after creating by an “enthusiastic” admin – I was literally creating the lyrics and noticed in preview that the album was suddenly red, having been deleted 29 minutes ago. And yes, I could create the lyrics for one song first, but it involves more typing and I would personally prefer to do as little of that as possible whilst retaining as much quality as I can. I live remotely and rely on a satellite internet connection which can be unreliable at times, so it is not unusual for an hour to pass before I can submit the lyrics for an album that I created.
Perhaps there is a middle ground here. On Musicbrainz, for instance, an artist page will automatically deleted after a few days if no works or albums are linked to it. A typical user review cycle for that site is 7 days. So, could it be a possible solution to only delete empty albums after a week (or some reasonable period of time) if no lyrics have been added? I know that, in addition to admins doing the deleting, there is another excellent bot User:00101010 that also deletes albums, so I don’t know if this proposal is even technically possible.
  • Unofficial Releases
I have seen plenty of examples of songs added to the “Other Songs” section of an artist where there has been no official release. Help implies that Help:Contents/Editing/Formatting/Artists#Other_Songs it is allowed, but also states Help:Contents/Editing/Formatting/Artists#Album_List that it is not allowed. I have even seen an admin engaged in doing this. Yet, when I did the same thing my lyrics page was deleted/redirected by said admin.
It would be helpful to clarify the rules around unofficial releases to avoid potential conflict in the future.
  • Help
I have been chastised by one admin on quite a few occasions for doing something “incorrectly” where my interpretation of the help text differed from theirs.
It might be time to spruce up the help section a bit, perhaps we could reach out to the community for suggestions where they have had issues with help and concentrate on those first? Some of the content that would have helped me exists only in the LyricWiki:Help_Desk (which initially did not seem to me the place to go to find FAQ or help type documentation) section, so even moving some of this content to general help would be useful.

I appreciate that there is a relatively small amount of users/admins that freely volunteer their time and efforts to make this site the best that it can be, so please do not read any of the above as criticism, but rather as thoughts from a “new” user to the site on what would make contributing a little easier for me.

DesPhagues (talk) 09:20, April 15, 2017 (UTC)
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