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Cabezas de Cera (CDC), or Candle-Wax Heads in english, is an Eclectic Prog / Progressive Rock band from México. The band has gone trough various phases: as a trio (1995 - 1997) with Cristóbal Pliego in the bass and brothers Mauricio and Francisco Sotelo in the electric guitar and the drum set, respectively. Later, they became 8 members on stage.

After going through many changes, in 1998, CDC became a quartet with Ramsés Luna; in this way, CDC close their first cycle. Finally, in 2000 CDC consolidates as a band formed by Francisco Sotelo, Ramsés Luna and Mauricio Sotelo as instrumentalists and Edgar Arrellín as the sound designer.

CDC plays only instrumental music and sometimes they disign their instruments like the "Charrófono", the "Jarana Prisma", the "Tambor Kitai" and the "Tricordio". Other instruments we'll hear along the later, drums and synths, are the Wind Midi, the Chapman Stick and the HandSonic. All of this allows a stronger presence of the improvisation, making every concert a different experience. The final product is a more progressive and energetic sound.

So, the offer follows the experimentation line and the creation of new sounds, that define CDC as an avant-garde band unique on their type.

They've been present in some of the most important forums and festivals in México and the world, like:

  • X NEAR FEST 2009, Bethlehem, PA, USA
  • 5to. Festival Diego Rivera y Feria de las Disqueras Independientes, México, 2008.
  • Plaza de las Artes. Centro Nacional de las Artes, México, 2008
  • 11th Internacional Experimental Music Festival LEM. Barcelona, Spain, 2007
  • Jeonju Sori Festival, World Music Panorama. South Korea, 2007
  • 18ª Edición del Mercat de Música Viva de Vic. Spain, 2006
  • KulturFabrik. Berlín, Alemania, 2006
  • 6eme Festival International ProgSud. Marsella, Francia, 2005
  • 7to Festival Internacional de Rock Progresivo, BajaProg. Mexicali, México, 2003

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Hope you give Cabezas de Cera a chance!!!

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