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So, there's a blog-deal here on lyricwiki, and I've become addicted to the badge program. This may mean I'm developing a bad case of thought-arrhea...

Speaking of *arrheas, what's been up with the Canadian music scene for the last few years? While I personally can't remember when they came onto the scene, I know Canada was famous for exporting a number of talented music and comedy acts in the 1970s and early 80s. Names like Anne Murray (meh), Gordon Lightfoot, Dan Akroyd, and the awesome prog. rockers of Rush, just to name a few. How's the Canadian contribution to music been lately - two names stick out: Justin Bieber and Nickelback. Why, those two terrible music hacks are almost enough for the world to rightly demand the "donation" of another Pam Anderson just to set things right. Yes, I realize I tempt the many fans of Biebs and Kroeger to send hate fueled, indifferent replies to my rant, and if I were a betting man, I'd say that there are more fans who either hate, or are at least dismissive, of the two terrors.

Bieber, who I'll admit having never heard, and would stab my ears out, rather than listen to him given the choice, grates on my nerves for an unknown reason. Sound strange? Yes, it is, but he seems to be too. Is it the lengths other more established (read: famous and/or successful) musicians seem to go to take a picture with him? Perhaps. Why Usher would slum to posing with a pre-pubescent Sandy Duncan look-alike is beyond me...

Nickelback is the high-school, Natty-Light beer of rock. The lightest of the light, their stuff is over quickly and leaves a horrible taste in your mouth, and you can quickly ingest a ton of it, and still stand there and wonder - "What the hell just happened here? Didn't I just drink like eight beers? I don't feel anything..." Nickelback is like that - songs over quick, and you wonder what you just partook in - was it rock? "I heard some guitars, but it seems so...light for rock. The singer sounded kind of gravely, but like a high school garbage band singer does." They seem to pile one song on top of another designed to get chicks, but it never seems hard enough to either justify the awful lyrics or the shitty melody - learn from Lemmy Kilmeister. He's not the hottest guy in the world, but I'd bet he gets more tail than a public toilet seat.

In closing, whilst writing this, I am reminded that the good neighbors to the north have also given the world people like Dr. Frederick Banting and Margaret Trudeau too, so at worst, their contributions cancel one another out. But geez, Biebs is so young and Nickelback is building quite a radio friendly (and ear wrecking) back catalog -- how about another of those beautiful women for the world, eh Canada?

That's my two cents, and now I'm broke --Brennemeister 01:52, October 15, 2010 (UTC)

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