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I've got my first Thai songs up, which are ธงไชย แมคอินไตย์ (Thongchai McIntyre):Too Much So Much Very Much and ธนิดา ธรรมวิมล (Thanida Dhamwimol):ภาพลวงตา (Song). Now I am in a slight dilemma. In Thai, singers (and celebrities) are not referred by their first names, but instead their given nicknames, like Thanida being called "Da (her nickname) Endrophine (her band)", being Da Endrophine, and Thongchai McIntyre being called "Bird (his nickname) Thongchai (his name)", thus becoming Bird Thongchai. If I were to name the songs, which artist name should be used? The real one, or the popular one?

Note that the names that I use in normal speech are their given nicknames.

By the way, if you do not want to call a Thai artist fully (which is very song, even the nicknames), you can call then P'___ (P' = pi ["i" in lithium] = พี่, which indicates someone older). For example, Zom Ammara could be collectively called as P'Zom, and Bee the Star 2 ("The Star" = the event where he competed in, thus getting the name) being called P'Bee.

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