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Just got this. I must admit I was hesitant to pick it up after being so thoroughly disappointed with his last original material album Frantic. Not ever being a huge fan of either Ferry's cover albums, or of a lot of Bob Dylan's work, his previous albums As Time Goes By and Dylanesque did little for the Ferry fan in me. So, really, I've been waiting since 1994's Mamouna for something great from this artist with the ultrasuave voice I've grown up with. With Olympia, I don't know whether I was in a sour mood on my 1st listen, or just expected too much. I kept thinking each song was missing it's "umph". But then, the next morning I woke up & found I just had to hear the track Shameless again. I put on my headphones, and, according to my iTunes play count, promptly listened to the entire album twice more. I couldn't get enough of Shameless, so then listened to the album version 2 more times, & the remixed version Shameless (Still Going Mix) (included on the Collector's Edition 2nd bonus disc) another 4 times. I just can't get enough of this song!! Groove Armada & Dave Stewart helped Ferry compose this gem. Ferry did include some covers, too. He does a great cover of a Tim Buckley classic, Song To The Siren. I loved This Mortal Coil's version, so was a bit worried about this one, but it's good. There is also a John Lennon cover Whatever Gets You Through The Night, & Elvis Presley's One Night, that are bonus tracks included on the UK version & Collector's Edition. Honestly, they are good, but are weaker tracks on the album. But, then, I've always preferred his original material. The 1st single, You Can Dance took a bit longer for me to get into, & the Scissor Sisters' collaboration Heartache By Numbers doesn't do much for me. I actually feel that it is the weakest original track on the album. But, the rest of the album has grown on me to the point that I it love now! Now that I've heard the album a few times, I really don't see what my problem the 1st time was! If you're a Bryan Ferry or Roxy Music fan, definitely go get this!

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