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With the votes tallied for Season 10 of American Idol, I thought it would be a good time to tally the earnings!

As Eonline recently reported, AI winner Scotty McCreery's recording contract will pay him $250,000. But there's more gold in them there hills. Scotty is sure to see ancillary revenues from the win as he goes on the post-season Idol tour. Not to mention the first class travel and accommodations for both him and his parents.

Lauren Aliana gets less than a third as the runner-up at $87,500, which feels like it's on the low side given how vital the last two finalists are for the ratings of the finale.

These paydays will inevitably get fresh scrutiny due to Simon Cowell's new show The X Factor which boasts a $5 million dollar recording contract. I wonder if American Idol will have to raise their purse to stay competitive? And the new show The Voice, which looks to stick around for a while, has a relatively paltry top prize of $100,000.

Is The X Factor trying to prize it's competitors out of the market? Tell us what you think...



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