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There is the obvious: his unique, beautiful voice and his amazing ability to handle it. And he is genuine, he's from a time when there was no autotune. Then the fact that he and his band mates from a-ha went to England from Norway to realize their dream of becoming successful musicians - when it was a given at home that Norwegian musicians could never make it internationally. Seems they just didn't subscribe to this notion and firmly believed in themselves. And they were right. And with all the insane hype that broke loose around them - especially Morten - it never went to their heads.

In the second half of the 80s no one produced (involuntarily) more screaming, fainting girls than Morten. His fans made the traffic at Picadilly Circus stop. Millions of girl's rooms were decorated with his beautiful face. He was at the peak of stardom, persecuted by fans and paparazzi. You could have thought this gorgeous guy had no worries in the world. Someone so successful must have had luck on his side. How else could he face the masses with such grace?

But no, things weren't always so bright for this guy. There had been times in his life when he hated everything about himself, when he felt ugly and unworthy. The reason for this were five class mates who made life hell for him at age 8 to 13. They systematically bullied him, even attacked him physically. He didn't get help from any of the adults at school. The reason he was bullied was merely because he was different, a quiet kid who often lived in his fantasy world, had unusual interests. Back then he could not imagine that he would one day be loved by millions. He somehow made it through this and even became a huge star.

He's been known as a gentle person for 33 years now. He's proof that you can get over adversity and go your way. I admire him for it.

Don't let bullies destroy you. Time is on your side. And the world is at your feet if you concentrate on your talents. And everyone has talents.

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