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As my latest SOTD nominations suggest I have become a huge fan of Rufus Wainwright.

It started slowly. I rediscovered his wonderful version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah, done for the soundtrack of the movie Shrek. I was immediately impressed by his voice and singing abilities. So I checked out more stuff from him on youtube - film songs, Judy Garland songs and also his own songs. I had know him to be considered a genius singer/songwriter, but I hadn't known his own stuff until then. When I started listening to his songs, something strange happened. At first, they didn't sound very melodic. They didn't stick like normal pop or rock music - even more sophisticated one - does. But there was something to them that kept me coming back, that made me listen again and again, as if there was some unique beauty in them that I could somehow sense, but not yet understand. The more I listened to Wainwright's songs, the more this beauty came to the front and song after song roamed my mind.

His songwriting, influenced by classical music, show tunes etc., has amazing depth, musically and emotionally. He has the originality and authenticity that is so lacking in today's pop world. He deserves much more commercial success than he gets. I want to encourage everyone who loves music and doesn't consume it like fast food to give Rufus Wainwright's music a chance.

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