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A lot of this stuff is common sense, but I tried to provide everything that needs to be done. Feel free to look at the current AotW if anything I wrote here is confusing. Also, please feel free to contact me on my talk page. I will have access to a computer lab, but just not enough time to do the entire AotW.

Album page
  • I try to get the album page done (i.e. fill all parameters in {{Album}} and {{AlbumFooter}} if possible, check to make sure the track list is correct and complete, the page has album art, etc.) Also, add |AOTWfrom = and |AOTWto = to the Album template. Green check
    Album talk page
    • Add the page ranking templates if they have not yet been created, then add a section below this entitled "Album of the Week" . Add a {{AOTW}} template, complete this, giving the nomination reason, and sign it with a link to the nominator's userpage (See Talk:Weezer:Pinkerton (1996)). Green check
  • All you have to do with this page is remove the upcoming album from the queue, as the nomination is archived as soon as it appears on the main page. Green check
LyricWiki:Album of the Week
  • In edit mode, you'll find a skeleton to help format the new entry being added to the archive. Just fill in the dates, album link and nominator link, then copy the user's reason for the nomination in the second line, like the other entries on the page.Green check
{{Album Of The Week}}
  • Obviously this is the main page that needs updated. Replace the links for the album, artist, and nominator. Replace the album art and the nomination reason.Green check
  • For FMotW, I will provide an album and nom reason below.
LyricWiki:Free Music of the Week
  • Same as above, no nominator link.... unless the write up includes such words as "me" and "I" (hee hee) Green check
{{AOTW Notify}} ;)

Add a congratulatory message on nominator's talk page (optional). Green check

Free Music of the Week
  • Album page
    • I should have the album page completed, just add |float = {{FMotW}} to the Album template. Green check
    My nomination for Coldplay:LeftRightLeftRightLeft (2009)
    • Everyone is a Coldplay fan, except me. That's what it seems like. However, I will say that their last album, Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends, was pretty good. LeftRightLeftRightLeft is the free live compliment for the Viva la Vida tour and it does a pretty good job of capturing the music. The quality of the audio is great, and the songs themselves are pretty good too. Everyone's a Coldplay fan, so you probably already have this album, but if you don't sign up to download it here
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