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The Rough Guide To Barrelhouse Blues (2018)

Compilation by various artists.
  1. The Dirty Dozen by Speckled Red
  2. Slow and Easy Blues by Jimmy Yancey
  3. Strut That Thing by Cripple Clarence Lofton
  4. Heifer Dust by Will Ezell
  5. Watcha Gonna Do? by Walter Roland
  6. Cow Cow Blues by Cow Cow Davenport
  7. Head Rag Hop by Romeo Nelson
  8. 32-20 Blues by Roosevelt Sykes
  9. Pinetop's Boogie Woogie by Clarence "Pinetop" Smith
  10. If You Haven't Any Hay Get on Down the Road by Skip James
  11. Fives by Turner Parrish
  12. You Can't Come In by Bert Mays
  13. Honky Tonk Train Blues by Meade Lux Lewis
  14. Soon This Morning Blues by Charlie Spand
  15. Avenue Strut by Herve Duerson
  16. Hoodoo Man Blues by Victoria Spivey
  17. Henry Brown Blues by Henry Brown
  18. Vicksburg Blues by Little Brother Montgomery
  19. Pratt City Blues by Jabo Williams
  20. Barrelhouse Boogie by Pete Johnson & Albert Ammons
  21. 31 Blues by Bob Call
  22. You Gonna Miss Me Blues by Freddie "Redd" Nicholson
  23. Detroit Rocks by Montana Taylor
  24. On the Wall by Louise Johnson
  25. Barrelhouse Woman No.2 by Leroy Carr & Scrapper Blackwell

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Disc 1
  1. Black Magic Woman by Larry McCray
  2. Cryin' Won't Bring You Back by Luther Grosvenor
  3. Man of the World by Ian Anderson
  4. Lookin' for Somebody by Snowy White
  5. Baby When the Sun Goes Down by Southside Johnny
  6. Leaving Town Blues by Rory Gallagher
  7. Rattlesnake Shake by Vince Converse
  8. Ramblin' Pony by Jon Paris
  9. Green Manalishi by Arthur Brown
  10. Merry Go Round by Jess Roden
  11. Love That Burns by Dave Peverett
  12. Stop Messin' Round by Kim Simmonds
  13. Long Grey Mare by Jon Paris
  14. Showbiz Blues by Rory Gallagher
  15. Supernatural by Clas Yngstrom
Disc 2
  1. Oh Well by Billy Sheehan
  2. I Loved Another Woman by Jay Aston
  3. Whatcha Gonna Do by Zoot Money
  4. Albatross by Paul Jones
  5. Closing My Eyes by Jennifer Ferguson
  6. Lazy Poker Blues by Troy Turner
  7. Evil Woman Blues by Pete McMahon
  8. Fleetwood Mac by Larry Mitchell
  9. Same Way by Mick Abrahams
  10. Watch Out by Jon Paris
  11. Fool No More by Kim Lembo
  12. Hellhound on My Trail by Ken Hensley
  13. Drifting by Jim McCarty
  14. If You Be My Baby by Dave Peverett

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