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This is the LyricWiki User Page for Trevor Ian Peacock

How many times have you seen a lyrics site thats missing lyrics, or has incomplete or incorrect lyrics? This wiki will be my saviour. Its not complete enough yet, but it will get there.

I have a keen interest in seeing this site develop, and will maintain a commentary/notes and thoughts on this site. I am maintaining this within my userspace as i feel some of them look too far into the future to be useful to the community at the current time. Feel free to comment and participate.

I am a student, contributing from Australia (GMT+10, +11 from Nov-Mar).

I have been very busy this year, having just completed a research dissertation on Wiki communities. Finished all that though, I'll start to have some time to start working with this wiki again. If there's any plugins needed, let me know.


If you wish to contact me, the most reliable method is email

You can also see my contact page on my web site

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ICQ: 33419727
AIM: universe3141
Yahoo: universe3141
Feel free to Email Me or Leave me a message.

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Feel free to assign me todo items. Sign and date your additions.
Also feel free to complete or contribute to items here if you like.



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