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I used to only lurk, and hope that LyricWiki actually had the lyrics on a song I was listening to/correct lyrics. Now, I'm looking forward to improving this site. Music is one of my greatest passions, and I will do anything to help a project as great as this.

I also have a Wikipedia account at this same name.

What I'm Working On

  • The Pale Pacific: a sort-of big project considering 1) this band is so indie that it took me forever to even find the album, 2) that means that there are no lyrics sites out there with lyrics to all of the songs, 3) there's not even Wikipedia articles on most of their albums. I'm going to try to do the two that I know, though. Starting with Rules Are Predictable EP. I love these guys so much; they're writing new songs right now actually! Please check them out on their Facebook.
  • I also look forward to contributing to Watchout! Theres Ghosts, Pierce The Veil, Little Boots, and other assorted artists that I stumble upon and fall in love with. So many red links! So little organization! So much lack of album covers! I hope to fix these issues and many more to improve the quality and content of this site.

My Favorite Artists

Having over 1000 songs in my music library currently, I have a lot of favorite artists, albums, songs. I would have more music if my 8GB Zune could hold more...yes, I have a Zune. Don't judge me. Here's a small list of some of my more favorite ones, my favorite album by them, and my favorite song by them.

A Fine Frenzy, Bomb In A Birdcage, Stood Up

Breathe Carolina, Hello Fascination, Tripped And Fell In Portland

Britney Spears, Circus, Thinkin' About You

Death Cab For Cutie, Transatlanticism, Talking Bird demo from The Open Door EP

Imogen Heap, Speak For Yourself, Wait It Out

Little Boots, Hands, Tune Into My Heart

Keane, Under The Iron Sea, Hamburg Song

The Pale Pacific, Rules Are Predictable EP, All My Friends

Placebo, Without You I'm Nothing, Haemoglobin

So many red links...

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