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Who am I?

I work as a software designer for a relatively small company based in Sweden, but with interests around the globe. After having searched for a good lyrics site for quite some time, I found LyricWiki and signed up.

My contributions

My contributions to the wiki have been relatively minor so far. The most significant contribution is probably that I have spent some effort to clean up LyricWiki_talk:SOAP by moving several obsolete entries to LyricWiki_talk:SOAP/Archive, and by adding suggestions for improvements in LyricWiki_talk:SOAP#Drastic_changes_to_the_API_relatively_soon.

Other than this, I mostly use LyricWiki as a resource for finding lyrics, i.e. I use it as an end-user.

Artists I have been working on

Kraftwerk - Adding a number of songs that were missing, mostly instrumental

In addition, I have been fixing song footers (mostly language information) for various songs, and umlauts for some Swedish songs.

My TODO list

Front_242 - One of my favorite bands. I intend to clean up their page by splitting it into albums etc.

Category:Requests For Edits/Accented Characters - Correct accents for all Swedish pages.

Category:Songs Needing Language Identification - Identify language for all Swedish songs.

What I want to do with LyricWiki

I want to participate more actively by creating a small application to help me do semi-automated contributions for some specific tasks that I feel have been neglected. The first such task I intend to implement is to identify languages for most of the songs noted as needing language identification. However, such an application would be greatly simplified by some additions to the API, which is why I have suggested such changes.

Talk to me

If you want to get in contact with me, you can either send an e-mail or write directly in User_talk:Spacejens.

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