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Metal Skeleton I bang my head on the keyboard

I'm an ex-pat South African living in the UK.

I live, eat, sleep and breathe music in most of its forms (excluding Pap Crap Pop manufactured for the masses of screaming teenagers who wouldn't know a good tune if it hit them in the face).

I'm not the most verbose of people, so I'll fill this up as time goes by.

Pet Peeves

  • Case (in)sensitivity:

Especially when it comes to music. Prepositions (on, at, of, from) should ALWAYS be lowercase, as should the word "the" unless, of course, they appear as the first word in the title. When I eventually tire of adding missing genres, pictures and album lengths, I'm going to start my own little side project to correct as many badly cased tracks as I can.

My Favorite Bands

Personal Projects

Other Stuff

  • I'll get around to this at some point
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