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Universal Format is my Goal!

{{ruby|kanji|reading}} ?
{{RequestKanji}} ?
{{RequestRomanization|Japanese}} ?
{{RequestTranslation|Japanese}} ?
{{edit}} ?
{{move|to=Loc|reason=Res}} ?
{{helpme}} ?
{{Mergeto|<<NewLocation>>}} ?
[[Category:Review Me]] ?


Useful Refrences

  • Talk Pages, Peer Review
== Peer Review requested by {{User|Shiikayano}} ==
<!-- when this review is closed, remove this category -->
  • Artists page:
==[[<<Artist Name>>:<<Album Title #1>> (YEAR)|<<Album Title #1>> (<<YEAR>>)]]==
# '''[[<<Song Title #1>>|<<Song Title #1>>]]'''
# '''[[<<Song Title #2>>|<<Song Title #2>>]]'''

==[[<<Artist Name>>:<<Album Title #2>> (YEAR)|<<Album Title #2>> (<<YEAR>>)]]==
# '''[[Song Title #1|<<Song Title #1>>]]'''
# '''[[Artist:Song Title|{{abbr|もと|moto}}]]''' by [[アーティスト (Artist)]]

==[[: ()| ()]]==
# '''[[:|]]'''

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  • To use in many Japanese songs
    • n'ya - んや; nya - にゃ
    • Symbols:
      • Japanese Spacing:  
      • Bullet:
      • Brackets:
{{Song|<<Album (Year/????)>>|<<Artist>>}}



==English Translation==



Welcome! :). The first and most important thing to say is: "Many thanks to the admins and users - without you, I wouldn't be here."

Regarding Me

  • Shii Nemani Kayano.
    • 23 June 1990, Fiji-born Japanese currently studying in Hillcrest, Hamilton, New Zealand.
    • a User; still learning (and starting to get a better grip on) the ways of LyricWiki.
  • I enjoy oxymorons, paradoxes.
  • I envision my project creations running across the screen or pages.

My History on LyricWiki

I came across LyricWiki while going across Wikipedia, and upon finding that hardly any of (or was it none of...?) Miyuki Nakajima's lyrics existed on this site, I decided to hop on and help out.
Moreover, since an IP number only didn't seem nice, I signed up, and here I am today. :)

To Do

  • Fix up:
    • Verse Chorus
    • fLetter
    • Any other things requiring attention that I can provide.
  • Add more lyrics from Miyuki Nakajima and other artists.
  • Japan: Work on Original, Romanized, and Translated sections.
  • Help wherever I can.
  • Continue my contributions.

Most Common Sites I Use

  • (Re)search:
    • Google NZ - Most useful site for (re)searches.
    • Wikipedia - Another most useful site for research (and discovering LyricWiki :D).
  • E-mail:
    • Hotmail - First site I always enter for e-mails.
    • Yahoo! - First email provider I ever chose.
    • Gmail - I said "Why not? (laugh)"
  • Socialise:
  • Music:
  • For Translation and Meanings:

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