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Labels to be checked (pattern: Record*|Music*|Enterprise*|Internat*)
Label1 Label2 Comments
A-One A-One Records
Arts & Crafts Arts & Crafts Recordings
Atlantic Atlantic Recording
Attic Attic Records
Benson Benson Records
Big Beat Big Beat Records √ (US/UK)
Big Cat Big Cat Records √ (UK/US)
BMG BMG Music Canada
Captain Oi! Captain Oi! Records
Circle Circle Records
Cleopatra Cleopatra Records
CMC CMC International Records
CMM CMM Records √(same dogID)
Continental Continental Record Services
Continental Continental Records
Decca Decca Records
Delta Delta Music
Demon Demon Records √ (CL/UK)
DFA DFA Records
DGC DGC Records
EastWest EastWest Records America
EastWest EastWest Records GmbH
Echo Echo International
Eldorado Eldorado Records
EMI EMI Music Canada
EMI EMI Music Japan
EMI EMI Music Poland
EMI EMI Records Japan
Empire Empire Records
Empire Empire Records (SE)
Entertainment One Entertainment One Music
Epic Epic Records
Epic Epic Records Japan Inc.
Epitaph Epitaph Records
Fantasy Fantasy Records √(same dogID)
FM FM Records
Heavenly Heavenly Recordings √(same dogID)
Imperial Imperial Recordings
Independent Independent Music
Indigo Indigo Recordings
Inertia Inertia Recordings
Infinity Infinity Music Distribution
Jive Epic Jive Epic Records √(same dogID)
Jive Jive Records √(same dogID)
LaFace LaFace Records
Lantis Lantis Record
Legacy Legacy Records
Legend Legend Recordings
Livewire Livewire Recordings
Lofton Creek Lofton Creek Records
Magic Magic Records
Magna Carta Magna Carta Records
Matador Matador Records √(same dogID)
Mercury Mercury Music Group
Mercury Mercury Records √(same dogID)
Mercury Mercury Records Australia
Metronome Metronome Records
Mighty Mighty Music
Milan Milan Records
Mirage Mirage Records
Myrrh Myrrh Records √(same dogID)
Mystic Mystic Records
Monument Monument Records
Moonglow Moonglow Records √(same dogID)
Mushroom Mushroom Records
Mute Mute Records
Mute Mute Records Ltd.
Muve Muve Recordings
Odeon Odeon Records
Odyssey Odyssey Music
Paramount Paramount Records
Perfect Perfect Music
Play It Again Sam Play It Again Sam Records
Prestige Prestige International
Propaganda Propaganda Records
Q Division Q Division Records
Quality Quality Music
Quality Quality Records
Rawkus Rawkus Record
Razzia Razzia Records
RCA RCA Records
Regal Zonophone Regal Zonophone Records
Scarlet Scarlet Records
Seeco Seeco Records
Shoreline Shoreline Records Inc.
Syco Syco Music
Solid State Solid State Records
Source Source Records
Spunk Spunk Records
Star Song Star Song Records
Suicide Squeeze Suicide Squeeze Records
Time Time Records
Tyscot Tyscot Records √(same dogID)
Tompkins Square Tompkins Square Records
Trisol Trisol Music Group
United United Music Group
Universal Universal Music
Universal Universal Music Canada
Universal Universal Music Distribution
Universal Universal Music France
Universal Universal Music Greece
Universal Universal Music Group
Universal Universal Music Group International
Universal Universal Music Indonesia
Universal Universal Records
Universal Universal Records Philippines
V2 V2 Records
V2 V2 Records, Inc.
Vanguard Vanguard Records
Vik Vik Recordings
Vinilkosmo Vinilkosmo Records √(same dogID)
Virgin Virgin Music Canada
Virgin Virgin Records
Virgin Virgin Records Nashville
WEA WEA International
Wedge Wedge Records
Wind-Up Wind-Up Records
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