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LwTools TODO List

Task State Notes
Eliminating double call to Amazon Done disabled Album combobox while getting asin info; improved in 1.5.6; still not perfect...:(
Accending update order DoneGreen
Instrumental language bug Done was it the last? LOL, I was right; now
Exclude Other Songs from updates DoneGreen disabled "Update LW" button when Other Songs selected
Extended info view (toggable) Done still some things todo...
Context menu to langViewList DoneGreen simple
Tl:RM removing Done not smart enough - should be followed by green star etc....
Tl:accent removing Done not smart enough - what to do with ChrW(65533)?
Smart customizable album update in both header & footer UnderConstr middling, but some questions are to be answered... Situation changed by Additional albums tl. - must be rethinked
Looong response time of first WS call while being behind firewall UnderConstr background WS initializing at startup should be implied; still not clear how
Removing hardcoded Amazon AccessKey (making Settings-settable) UnderConstr To be done.
Asin info search using external info source Done 1.5.6; two-way info capturing: copy/paste album asin or just drag-drop link from Amazon mp3 album page
Asin & iTunes non-matching info - in same rows DoneGreen 1.5.6
simultaneously album, asin, itunes & language updating Done Restored in; just wonder - wouldn't it be too much for one update (thinking about possible undo); anyway, it's under your choice now.
LrcDB support Done; improved in; still needs some refinement
Update vs Overwrite issue (!) DoneGreen
Edit throttling Done questionable necessity, keeping in mind that update goes through whole page loading, editing & posting; but done in 'silent' default sleep time (1 s) moved into Settings (0.5<time range<20 s)
Empty artist textbox @ startup DoneGreen  ;)
Support for Various Artists DoneGreen 1.5.7
Unhandled error bug removed DoneGreen
Info bug removed DoneGreen
album updating bug removed DoneGreen
Drag'n'drop events rebuilt... DoneGreen
Some old & new bugs removed (Updating/overwriting, asin & itunes mixing etc.) DoneGreen
Asins getting iTunes values bug removed DoneGreen 1.5.8
PR support started Done 1.6.0, 6.1 Page & Talk:Page content synchronization; star changing etc. (2 b cont...)
PR support continued Done creating new talk page for song if doesn't exist; watcher setting; RM autoremoving, drag-drop expanded to ranking tab; some old & new bugs cured
Minor change in album update DoneGreen
Lyrics language detection added DoneGreen 1.7 (Google translation Ajax API used to detect language & result confidence)
Additional albums template support Thinking not started yet; must be chewed over yet...


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