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Hi LyricWikians (that's you),
In the wake of the unfortunate news about having to weaken/kill the API earlier this month, I'm glad to finally have some good news!

Legally and technically accurate description: will be shutting down under its former ownership, Wikia (which has independently secured a licensing deal with Gracenote) will be carrying the torch for the community and since the new wiki is still a wiki, the entire contents of the former LyricWiki site and its revision-history (including usernames and which user did what) will be contributed to the new wiki.

In English: in essence, I'm pleased to announce that LyricWiki will be joining the Wikia family of wikis. We've been "friends" with Wikia for years now: exchanging code, linking to each other, and both contributing to the MediaWikia community (MediaWiki is the software that runs LyricWiki, Wikia, and Wikipedia among many others).

This move will come with a lot of advantages:

  1. The dream will live on - Yay! Wikia has arranged a licensing deal so that royalties can be paid to music publishers, which will avoid the nasty risk of the site being sued out of existence. It's good to know that our years of hard work won't be evaporating any time soon! This is a gigantic relief for me and I'm sure many of you as well.
  2. More uptime - They have way more web-servers than we do and they have a team to help keep those servers running. Over the last 3+ years I've been a bit of a bottleneck as the only person with the access to our servers and we've had our share of downtime (especially early on). This will be a nice change!
  3. Wikia Team - Access to the entire Wikia team which includes: Programmers, System Administrators, Graphic Designers, Spam Fighters, etc.
  4. No ads for logged in users - Pretty cool, huh? We've had an option in Special:Preferences to choose between banners and ringtone links for a while, but not everyone knew that was there. Now, when you log in, the banners just won't be there.
  5. New tools - We will have access to all of the Wikia custom wiki modules such as their new Visual (WYSIWYG) editor, Multiple Image Upload tool, and Spam protection tools.

From a community perspective, nothing will change. Our current team of Sysops will stay in place and Wikia will support us in every way they can. They want to see this community thrive as much as we all do.

Some changes you'll notice right away:

  1. The default skin will be changed to Wikia's Monaco skin (more info in the FAQs below)
  2. There will be uneditable "Gracenote" pages in their own namespace which will quite often duplicate LyricWiki pages. This is a requirement of the licensing. They will be linked to the corresponding community-editable page. We'll also have some other hopefully minor Gracenote requirements, so bear with us as we work through that.

At the time this message is being posted, the transition is currently underway and the wiki will be in read-only mode (so that no edits are lost).

There are some FAQs below which should help with some of the obvious questions (some links will be red until the migration is complete). As always, if you have any other questions, feel free to leave a message on my talk page or send me an email. (Please be understanding of the fact that I can't comment on anything related to any legal actions. I will be more than happy to answer other questions as quickly as I can.)

- Sean Colombo

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